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When we want to refurbish our building, be it residential or commercial, we want to collaborate with only one company to make it easier to search for the specialists needed for a work, as well as to organize and manage the work. Well, now you have found the perfect construction and renovation company in London that can help you with all the services because our team is complete and competitive and will carry out the work to completion no matter the complexity of the work. In our team, you can find specialists from architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, designers and painters to window and door fitters, furniture fitters of all kinds. A single contract for construction or renovation is an advantage for you and for us in order not to interfere with managerial issues.

We are one of the few companies in London to carry out a construction or renovation work from A to Z for a single client, this being an advantage for the job to be of a high quality, without any problems of organizing or overcoming the deadline for finalizing the work, as might be the case if more companies are called for a single work.

Our construction and refurbishment company in London offers services such as: House & Apartment Refurbishment, House Extension & Loft Conversion, Office & Shop Refurbishment, Restaurant & Pub & Bar Renovation, Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment, Plumbing & Electrical Work.

Additionally, besides the construction and refurbishment services, our company can help you and, if you ask, can handle all the necessary documents and authorizations for the proper functioning of the construction or renovation works and the design of each individual work, creating structural or non-personalized projects, such as: Building Control Plans, Householder Planning Application, Planning Application, Structural Projects Engineer, Projects Engineer, Building Registration, Certificate of Lawful Development, Digital CAD Survey, Party Wall Surveyor, etc…

A high-quality work can not be done at a low price, so our London construction and refurbishment company is not among the cheap companies in London or in the UK, but we do not want you to think we are at the other extreme as a very expensive company. We believe we are ranked among middle-price companies because we want to be accessible to many customers who want to carry out good quality construction and refurbishment work. We are a company that respects the contractual terms so that our customer satisfaction is one of our goals. We want to be further recommended to prospective clients (from family, work colleagues, friends, neighbors, etc.)

Our construction and refurbishment company in London has a clear “quality-pricing” policy that it respects. When it comes to a job we put in balance  if the work can be done in the best conditions and with the money that are available, and if this is not possible we prefer not to sign contract with that client than to sign that contract and not to able to respect it (price, time of execution, quality or other aspect stipulated in the contract).

Before a contract for the initiation of a construction or refurbishment work is signed, the price of the works will be negotiated. Our company is always attentive when it comes to this negotiation and we will try to thank both the client and us to be satisfied, reporting to the client’s requirements and preferences regarding the materials used, the type of work, the location as well as others factors that need to be considered.

Satisfaction of the client, but also the satisfaction of our company regarding the quality of the works and also the final price will lead to the successful completion of the project for the construction or renovation of a building. Respecting the obligations and requirements of both parties will not bring problems until completion.

Punctuality, seriousness, good organization, communication, quality are the hallmarks of our team of specialists, engineers in London, bricklayers, electricians and architects, as they have extensive experience in the field in which we operate, our company being very cautious when hiring a specialist. We know that if we only work with an experienced specialist, the likelihood of disappointing the customer is very low.

Our company is a company with extensive experience in the field of construction for almost 20 years. We are proud to have had the opportunity to work for 12 years in Italy, gaining experience in one of the European countries where the quality standards in the field of construction are very high. This experience makes us trustworthy and has helped us to progress on the London and UK markets, offering superior quality services unlike other London companies.

During the refurbishment or construction work, we always communicate with our client in London, this is important for a successful work, with every client selling something different. The work has to be in the customer’s taste and preference, so we always ask if everything is OK. Communicating with the client from the start until the finish is necessary and important.

Every job for a construction or refurbishment work must be done with dedication if we want the work to be a successful one. Well, our specialists are willing that any work done is a good work, done from A to Z, from demolition or construction to the completion of the work. A poor organization of the work will in no case lead to a successful work. Our company only works successfully!

Even though we have finished the work of a customer, we keep in touch with them because they can further recommend us to their friends, family, neighbors, workmates, being satisfied with the work we have done on their real estate.

We like everything we do to be transparent and correct to our clients, what we do before we start a discussion, and we establish absolutely all the details of the free online quotation completed by the customer and the contract. The information written in the contract is holy for us and the contract once signed will be fully respected (deadline for finalization of the work, final price). Very rarely, there are some changes to the work, and with them to change the final price, but everything will be done after the client is informed and we will receive the agreement from him.

If, from the above, we have convinced you that we are the ideal and closest company to your wishes and if you want to work with us in London or in the cities around London, you can contact us at the company’s email address, and we will arrange a meeting with you to clarify all the details of the work that you want to do at your building.

It is very important that for the realization of any work in London or other cities in the UK, the customer and the company will establish all the details necessary for the online free quotation and the contractual terms such as the start date of the work, the working time, the final price, the deadline for the completion and other information.

Have you decided to start building or refurbishing your residential or commercial property? If you want to collaborate with a company that will only bring you advantages, do not look for it because you have arrived in the right place! One of the great advantages is that we are a serious company, whose team is made up of specialized personnel, ranging from architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masonry makers, painters and ending with door and window fitters as well as furniture fitters regardless of their type. We know that when it comes to constructing a building or refurbishing a building, you think you should call in more companies, one to build, another to work on electrical installations, but do not worry! We take care of all the services you need! A single contract, easier for you and for us because we will not have any difficulty in achieving our ultimate goal!

Certainly, when a construction or refurbishing work on a building is carried out by only one company, that work will be done from A to Z, without any problems such as “you have not finished the electrical installation so I can start to do the finishes “. Everything is well calculated and every specialist does his job when the turn comes. That work will definitely be done by the book! Our company offers you the advantage of making your own free online quotation for the work that you want to do to find an estimate.

Our company is not a limited company and therefore offers numerous services in the field of construction, services such as: House & Apartment Refurbishment, House Extension & Loft Conversion, Office & Shop Refurbishment, Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment, Electrical Work.

When you want to start a construction job in particular, there is a need for more documents and authorizations that most often give the client a headache. Our company can help you and can offer you such services if you ask for it.

Most of the time, before starting a construction or renovation work on a building, the client thinks of the costs that come with it. What is the cost of renovating a home in London? Well, this differs depending on the type of work you want to achieve. The prices our company has are average prices on the UK market, but we guarantee that the works are of superior quality. Depending on your requirements and preferences, if you give us all the new details, we will be able to answer questions such as How Much Does a House Extension Cost in London? How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost in London? How Much Does a Flat Refurbishment Cost in London? Or How Much Does a Kitchen Renovation Cost in London? just by filling in the form to get the free online quotation. Customer satisfaction is one of our goals, and when you are pleased with the work we’ve done you can recommend  us to other potential customers, such as friends, family, job colleagues, etc.

Each company has its policies, but one of our policies is related to the “quality-price” ratio of the services we perform. After a specialist from our company analyzes the refurbishment or construction work, we are honestly telling the customer that we can not accomplish the work. If we are aware that we can not cover the costs and that we can not complete the work until the deadline. We prefer to lose a piece of work than to do a lower quality job and ruin the image of our company.

The prices of the construction and refurbishment works differ depending on the type of work, the place where the building is located, but also other important factors. Our company is open to possible negotiations before the work is initiated, but so that both the customer and ourselves benefit. Negotiation will be very attentive and to the limit of common sense. We can not offer a quality job also with little money.

The choice of specialists from our team (bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, architects, engineers with vast experience in the field) has been carefully done so we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the final work. The strengths of these specialists are represented by quality, good organization and team communication, seriousness and punctuality). Always they will observe the price mentioned in the contract.

Italy is one of the recognized European countries for the high quality standard in building services. We inform you that our company has accumulated 9 years of experience in Italy in the field of construction and we guarantee that we can offer you the same high-quality services. This experience in Italy is a strong point for us, which has helped us grow much on the UK market, leaving behind many other companies.

In order to accomplish a final work to the liking of the client it is very important that the relationship between our company and the client is a tight one. We keep in touch with our clients to inform us about their requirements and preferences because each customer wants something different when it comes to a construction or refurbishment work in London. Tell us your desire and we will help you to do it!

Being the only company to handle all stages of a construction or refurbishment work, for example from demolition to finishing, this will only lead to a successful work! Poor organization of a work leads to unpleasantness, uncertainty and disbelief for the client, eventually exceeding the deadline, all of which lead to a bad image of the company.

We satisfy our clients because we know that if the customer will be happy he will recommend us to other people like family members, friends, colleagues etc.

Transparency and fairness are two words that characterize our construction and renovation company in London! We sincerely believe that all contractual terms will be understood by the customer and we will ensure that we respect all the details in the contract. Communicating with our customers is very important. If there are issues that will change some details of the contract, before we act, we will contact the client about this and let them know how it will affect it, for example if there is an extra-job that can change final price. But do not worry, these things happen very rarely.

If through the information provided about our company we have convinced you that the collaboration with our company will give you reasons for satisfaction and fulfillment and if you have decided that you want to carry out a refurbishment or construction work in London or in the cities neighboring London, either you want a long-term collaboration or if you just want to do a job for your own purposes, please contact us by email. After seeing your email, we’ll contact you to set up a meeting where we can discuss all the details about the possible refurbishment or construction of a building.

Before you start the work, it is important to fill in the form for the free online quotation, then to sign the contract in which all necessary details will be established, such as the final price, the deadline for the completion of the work and others.

Do not hesitate to contact us and you will not be disappointed.