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Our Construction and Refurbishment Company carries out its services in the following regions of London or other cities in the vicinity of London: Chelsea SW3, Nothing Hill W1, Hammersmith W6, Kensington W8, Shepherd’s Bush  W12, Holland Park W11, Richmond TW10, Kingston Upon, Battersea SW11, Earls Court SW5, Fulham SW6, Knightsbridge SW7, Ealing W5, West Brompton SW10, Putney SW15, Wimbledon SW19, Walthamstow E17, Camden Town-Regent Park  NW1, Hampstead, Swiss Cottage  NW3, Covent Garden  WC2A, Mile End, Stepney, Whitechapel  E1, Moorgate, Liverpool Street  EC2A, but if we are contacted by customers from anywhere in London or the surrounding cities London, we are definitely open to collaborating.

If you live in the above mentioned regions and want to collaborate with our company for construction and refurbishment works, please contact us for a quote. Depending on your preferences and on your pocket, we will give you the best solutions and suggestions for building or renovating your real estate, be it residential or commercial.

High quality services are provided by our team of professionals in London, consisting of architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, designers, painters, window fitters and furniture fitters, with competitive prices on the UK market. These things can be demonstrated through the services I have carried out to the old clients or the work that is under way.

In addition to building and refurbishment services, our company in London also carries out document and authorization activities for the smooth running of any type of service, such as: Building Control Plans, Householder Planning Application, Planning Application, Structural Projects Engineer, Projects Engineer, Building Registration, Certificate of Lawful Development, Digital CAD Survey, Party Wall Surveyor, etc…

All types of services our company executes when it comes to residential or commercial real estate in London, we can provide you daily from Monday to Saturday, especially in London and in the cities around London, but also in other cities provided that the works is over £ 50,000. Our company can handle several projects in parallel, in different locations in London or in the surrounding cities of London. You can count on us whether you are an individual or a company, an architect or real estate agency or an investor who wants to work with our company.

As mentioned above, if the work exceeds £ 50,000, we can also serve in cities outside London for customers who are eager to work with our company because we have teams of expert collaborators and workers who can move to your city, if the costs of the works will cover all the necessary expenses.

If you are an investor or a businessman who wants to renovate or build several buildings and want to work with our company in London for a long time, we can offer you some discounts and also we can do the works in other cities, not just in London, if the cost of the works exceeds £ 50,000.

For the future, one of our company’s plans and our collaborators is to expand our services to other UK cities, which is why we try to please our customers in the areas we cover at the moment.

Regardless of where you live in London and what kind of work you want to do to your residential or commercial building, on our company website you have the opportunity to create your own free online quote by completing a simple form in which you choose exactly what you want. Afterwards, you will receive the final quotation by email with the estimated price of the paper, in which you will be informed about the description of all the works and also the prices of all the works you have chosen.

If you are planning to construct a building or to start a refurbishing work on the territory of London, but also in the surrounding cities of London, you can contact us and make an online quote, and then we will offer you great solutions for the job you want to do according to your preferences and budget, but we also offer you more options, tips, ideas so that your real estate is to your liking but also done in a professional way.

If you ask what kind of services our company offers to customers in London and the surrounding cities of London, we inform you that our company is performing services such as: House & Apartment Refurbishment, House Extension & Loft Conversion, Office & Shop Refurbishment, Restaurant & Pub & Bar Refurbishment, Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment and Plumbing & Electrical Work (Residential & Commercial). If you decide to call us for one or more of the services listed above, for each of them you can get an online free quotation by which you will find an estimated price of the work you have chosen so you will responds in a short while to the questions How Much Does a House Extension Cost in London? How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost in London? or How much does a house refurbishment cost in London? Do I have the necessary money for the job?

The team of our company is made up of qualified specialists, starting with architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, brcklayers, designers, carpenters, painters, door and window fitters, furniture fitters of all types. The quality-price ratio offered by our company is optimal, the prices of our services being competitive on the UK market and the quality of the works being superior. How can we demonstrate these things? We can demonstrate by presenting the work done by our company or some which are underway.

In addition, our team is also in charge of obtaining all the documents and authorizations required to operate or design every type of work, so we will get rid of an extra burden.

If the client asks us, we have the responsibility to provide assistance with all the documents and licenses for the operation and design of the works in London.

The schedule of the company in which we carry out the construction and renovation services is from Monday to Saturday, on the territory of London, in the cities near London, but also in other cities if requested, but only on the condition that the cost of the work exceeds £ 50,000 . Our company carries out several services in parallel at the same time in several places in London or in the surrounding cities of London, so if you are an architect, a real estate agent or an investor and want to collaborate with our company, you can contact us.

If you live in other UK cities where our company does not carry out its services, if your work is a complex work and exceeds £ 50,000, we can move to your real estate, even in other cities outside London, just provided that we are able to cover the necessary costs.

For clients like investors who want to work with our company in London for a long time to build, renovate and refurbish complexity, we can offer discounts, and we can also travel to cities outside London if the price in the final exceeds £ 50,000. You do not you know if the work is worth £ 50,000? Well, on our company website you can find an estimated amount of the work that you want to complete by completing the form to get the online free quotation.

We want to expand our operations in other UK cities in the future to meet more customers across multiple areas with our quality jobs and services.

On our construction and refurbishment company website, even if you live in London or other cities, you can make your own free online quote simply and quickly by filling in the form to get the free online quotation with personal details and details to the work that you want to do at your building. After completing the form, you will receive the estimated price of the paper and the description of all the works you have selected, as well as their individual prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us and you will not be disappointed.