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Do you want to do general construction or a refurbishment work? Are you looking for a construction company to help you with such services? Our construction company in London offers these services, ranging from the design of the construction work to finishing, with a team of numerous specialists in the field such as: architects, plumbers and electricians, tillers, carpenters, bricklayers, painters, carpenters, window and door fitters, furniture fitters. Prices are competitive, but the quality is superior.

Are you an investor or just a simple man who wants to renovate or build a house? Our company performs renovation and construction in London from A to Z, both for residential and commercial real estate, from demolition to finishing. Our services are ample, being able to offer you services such as: refurbishment, fitting out, designing, extending your building, new build, electrical and plumbing work, cleaning, replacement windows and doors, etc.

The most important and most sought after services by our clients, especially those who live in London and the surrounding cities of London, are: House & Apartment Refurbishment, House Extension & Loft, Conversion Office & Shop Refurbishment, Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment or Plumbing & Electrical Work (Residential & Commercial).

Do you think the services our company offers are of a wide variety? Well, our company also deals with documents and authorizations for operating and designing, if requested by the customer. All the services mentioned above are available to you and you can also find them in the online quote form.

In addition to construction and renovation services, our London company offers residential and commercial buildings and cleaning services. We are interested in long-term collaboration with companies in this field, especially in the London area.

Are you asking about the benefits of working with our company? What can we offer you? We give you all the answers to these questions.

– Our company offers services from A to Z, from demolition to finishing.

– In order to gain your trust and security, we offer references from our former clients or from our current clients where we can do our services and we can even organize a visit to see the work that interests you.

– The specialists in our team and the collaborators we work with in London have public liability insurance for any service they carry out.

– The prices for all of our services we run in London are competitive.

– Our company is in charge of purchasing the permits for all the installations we make to our clients in London.

– We guarantee that our services are of the highest quality for any type of work that we carry out in London and in the surrounding cities of London.

– We are the only building and refurbishment company in London that offers the customer an estimated price even before starting the job with the possibility to get an instant free quotation on our platform for any type of service requested.

– our work is done with high quality materials certified in the UK standard, no matter what type of work we are talking about.

– We offer something unique on the UK market, namely the opportunity to create your own free online quotation to find out an estimated price of the job you want to do in a simple and quick way by completing a simple form.

– Our company is working in London and in the cities around London, and in the future our goal is to expand to other UK cities.

– In the free online quote, besides obtaining the estimated price, we also provide you with details on the stages of the paper and their description, to see what is included and what is not included in the work you requested.

– Our punctuality is the deadline written in the contract will remain the real deadline, there will be no delays or other problems.

– We keep in touch with our London clients throughout our work, giving them professionalism, fairness and punctuality.

Our company team is made up of specialized personnel, from architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masonry workers, painters, to window and door fitters, furniture fitters, etc.

– If you want to collaborate with our company we can offer you the final price of the work in maximum 24-48 h. If the client requires extra work during the job, we initiate this extra work after we have communicated the price and he accepted, in order not to create confidence and conflict problems at the end of the work between the company and the client.

– After meeting with one of our specialists you will be informed about the final price in 24/48 hours.

– In order not to create confusion, we offer accurate quotations and job descriptions, with the prices and details needed for each one.

– If the customer is interested in each stage of the work, from the beginning to the end, we are willing to offer the presentation of each stage so that our customer can be satisfied.

– All our services are based on the contract and the final quotations, where all the necessary details are described according to type of work. These must be signed by both the customer and the company.

– We will never discriminate. Our attitude is the same to each client, giving them equal attention and importance even if we are talking about thousands of pound projects or small projects of customers who just want to refurbish their bathroom or kitchen.

– The work we perform will be made with materials you choose, whether or not included in the price (sanitary, floor, ceramic, tiles, doors, windows), depending on the preferences of our clients in London, offering on request two types of quotations, with and without these finishing materials.

– In London and in the surrounding cities of London, we create projects and licenses for any type of construction and refurbishment work from A to Z.

Do you need specialists such as architects, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, painters, window and door fitters as well as furniture fitters of whatever type? The team of our construction and renovation company in London is made up of all these specialists, providing our customers with general building and refurbishment services of superior quality.

Do you want to construct a building or want to refurbish it? Our company offers complete services from A to Z, be it a residential building or a commercial real estate, starting with demolition and up to the last necessary finishing. Besides construction and refurbishment, we are also at your disposal with other types of refurbish services, decorate, design, expand the building, build a new one, electrical and plumbing services, cleaning, changing windows and doors, etc.

For customers who live in London as well as in the neighboring cities of London, our company offers the following types of services: House & Apartment Refurbishment, House Extension & Loft, Conversion Office & Shop Refurbishment, Bathroom & Kitchen Refurbishment or Plumbing & Electrical Work (Residential & Commercial). Additionally, our company comes with something innovative on the UK market. Through our company website you can get a free online quote for the work you want to do.

We know we talked about a lot of services, but our company has still thought about it. Obtaining the necessary documents and authorizations to initiate and carry out a construction or refurbishment work (often for the operation and design) can give you a lot of headaches, that  is why we are committed to helping you with this. If you want us to take care of this service, you have to ask for this in the free online quotation.

In addition to all of the above mentioned services, our company also offers residential & commercial cleaning services. Especially in the London area, we are interested in cooperating with different collaborators with medium and long term contracts in this field.

What can we offer and what are the advantages of working with our company to build and refurbish?

– The services we offer are numerous, for example, we have been doing House & Apartment Refurbishment, House Extension & Loft Conversion, Office & Shop Refurbishment, Restaurant & Pub & Bar Renovation ) from A to Z;

– To feel safe about the decision to collaborate with our company, we can provide you with references from the clients we have worked with or with whom we are collaborating or even offer you the opportunity to visit the works that we have done if you ask for it;

– We are aware that all our London staff have public liability insurance for any type of service they carry out;

– The prices of the services offered by our company in London are competitive;

– Our construction and refurbishing company performs only high quality work unlike other UK companies;

– Do You Ask How Much Does A House Extension Cost In London ?, How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost In London? or How much does a house renovation cost in London? Don’t you know if you are financially prepared to start such a work? Our Construction and Renovation Company in London is the only one that can offer you an estimated price from the beginning to get you an idea;

– Modern finishes, no matter what type of work we are talking about, are based only on high quality standard UK certified material because our company wants to perform only high quality works;

– Without too much headaches, in a short time, through our company website you can create your own free online quotation to help you get an idea of the budget you should have for that job;

– Even if we now offer our services only in London and the surrounding cities of London, in the future we want to expand and offer our services in several UK cities.

– Working with our construction and refurbishment company in London, you can find yourself an estimate of what you want to do at your property and all the details of the works, seeing which services are included or not.

– Being a serious company, we treat our clients with honesty and appreciation of punctuality, the works will take place within the specified period of time, without exceeding the deadline.

– Our team of specialists is a large team of architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, tillers, painters, door and window fitters as well as furniture fitters of any type, all with extensive experience in the field ;

– Time is very important today and most of the times time is a selection criterion. Our company offers the final price of the work in just 2 days from the visit of our specialist to the client’s building.

– We constantly communicate with the client throughout the construction or refurbishment work, always informing him of the state of the artwork. If an extra work occurs, we will first inform the customer about this and let him know the changed price and then we will continue to work to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, confusion between the customer and the company.

– In order to be well informed, our clients will receive from our part through our online quote the prices for each work as well as the job descriptions.

– If you want, we can offer you a DVD with all stages of works from A to Z.

– For our safety and for the customer, our company works on a contract basis with customers, with the final quotations being signed by both the company and the client in London. All necessary details will be described in the contract, these things being different depending on the job and other circumstances.

– Even if we have a contract for a complex work, thousands of pounds or a contract for a simple job, such as the refurbishment of a kitchen or a bathroom, our company does not discriminate and will always have an equal attitude towards the clients, all customers for us being important.

– Depending on the requirements of our clients in London, they will have the opportunity to choose their own finishing materials themselves, whether or not they are included in the works price (plumbing, sandstone, parquet, doors, windows). They will have two types of quotations, one in which the materials are included and one in which these finishing materials are not included.

– In addition to building and refurbishment services, our company can provide services for obtaining operating authorizations and projects from A to Z all across London, but also in the surrounding cities of London.

Do not hesitate to contact us and you will not be disappointed.